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Butynol is a synthetic rubber with properties which allow it to resist ageing due to heat, sunlight and ozone. It has excellent gas impermeability and toughness and it remains flexible even at low temperatures.

Butynol is manufactured by combining the petroleum gases isobutylene and isoprene at the extremely low temperature of –100°C. (Rubber Technology–Morton) (source: Ardex)

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Red & Black Roofing install and repair butynol roofs within the greater Christchurch area. Work further afield will be considered along with travel expenses.

We currently focus on residential and low height level projects as well as light commercial projects.

Small jobs are charged out on a time and materials basis with a standard minimum of $360 plus goods and services tax (GST).

We quote other work in advance on a fixed price basis. We provide the option for a fixed price component and a contingency component for situations where there is the probability of unseen damage e.g. remedial work and leak repairs.